A Midsummer Thru-Hike

[Update August 2: I’m still alive! On July 30 I finished thru-hiking the Arizona Trail, having started on June 21 from Mexico.]



Summer is approaching and it’s getting really hot. The hotter it gets, the more I find myself wanting to wander off into the desert heat… Wanting to do something hard, I have spontaneously decided to thru-hike the Arizona Trail in the middle of the summer, with minimal preparation, and no caching. More adventure, less spoilers, seeing and experiencing the route for the first time. A simple thru-hike: no utilizing drop boxes or mailed resupply. Completely relying on the natural water and expecting significant water carries; from Mexico to Utah in the desert heat, midsummer.


[Due to the upcoming record heat waves:] I’ll be starting on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. The summer solstice, the first day of summer is the evening of June 20, 2017, so the first day of hiking will be the 21st.


July is Arizona’s hottest and driest month. The heavy summer heat starts picking up mid to late June. By August monsoon rains will reduce the overall heat and increase water availability. July is hot and dry. The snowmelt and spring runoff has dried, and the monsoon season has yet to begin.



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