To Patagonia

June 24

Day 4 
Extremely hot today. All day hiking through a desiccated swamp, pushing hard to reach Patagonia in time.

As I haven’t been eating enough I must have ‘hit the wall’ as the former sensation of fatigue or inability has been replaced with being pumped out. At slower paces I feel like I can just keep going indefinitely. It feels like my body is converting to primarily fat as fuel. 

Sheriff pulls over asks me if I’m coming off trail. Gives me 2x .5 liter water bottles. Kindness and generosity out of nowhere is warming. 

There is so much that I’d like to write about but it isn’t possible to thru hike this trail and still have an hour or two per day to write. 

Thanks for the fundraiser dinner from the couple from Idaho. Sat down to eat a real dinner for the first time on trail. Band playing. Lot of cowboys and mining companies establishing relationships. 

Bought food only to supplement what I’m carrying, and what I know I’ll eat. Some heavy high moisture fresh vegetables. Brick blue cheese. Tomato. Onion. Avocado. Lettuce. The highlights. Some other things as well.

Must have drank a gallon in Patagonia but still not fully hydrated. Endkessly this much water cup after cup from the festival/fundraiser paper cups makes it feel like I’m pouring so much into me. Wasn’t able to hydrate enough to pee.

Patagonia is a great town to resupply in. It’s so easy to keep talking to all the people.  

Massive water carry out of Patagonia but next sources are unreliable or likely concentrated or fouled. 

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